Like in business or life, painting starts with a central vision, but the means of reaching that vision adjust as new challenges and opportunities arise. The end result captures a moment in time rich with layers of reactions.

Because, you see, these paintings are a combination of feelings and moments that have been edited and revised with each encounter. With each approach of a painting, I come as almost a new person. I bring new experiences that have altered slightly who I am. My core remains the same, much like the foundation of the painting remains the same, but layers of ideas and experiences have been added and altered. Elements are added at one encounter only to be edited out with a thick passage or loose wash during another. With each addition and subtraction, little vignettes appear - a fascinating change that can only occur through this process.

With these paintings, you see the end result, the product left for display. But underneath that final result are layers and layers of experiences and stories. The paintings cannot exist richly without this buildup. Painting challenges me to take risks and really look at what happens after each risk - do I want to keep it or try something else?  To start with the end and not falter from that destination is to me a hollow and dull process. It is the combination of experiences and unforeseen happenings that make each piece vibrant and intriguing. Look deeper into each painting and discover the experiences behind what it took to get there. 


Rachael lives, works and paints in New York City. She has been a painter her entire life and plans to always be creating. As Abraham Maslow stated: "An artist must paint if he is ultimately to be at peace with himself. What a man can be, he must be."